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body, mind, emotion, and spirit  


Hands-on body/mind therapies, holistic nutrition, principles of movement, through to energy and spirit healing.  This Healthy approach is intuitively and uniquely tailored for you - touched by the traditional wisdom of Naturopathy 

Nutrition & Nourishment

You should improve your diet! Eat this, don’t eat that!
There is so much information out there, expensive, conflicting, confusing,
even risky. And you and your needs are unique.
Having an impartial professional in Natural Nutritional Health assess your
unique nutritional status is a straightforward and relatively inexpensive way
through the maze.

First Consultation £120 1.5 hours approximately
Follow up £99 1.25 hours approximately

Spiritual Healing (NFHS)

Do your health concerns ask for a simple straightforward approach that goes beyond words and “therapy”`?
When no pat answers resolve your questioning, I use Intention to encourage Healing at many levels. What really should be easy, needs focussed effort to Simply BE here, in our simple love and caring.


30 Mins-1hour/£55

Integrative Body Work

This is a truly Mind Body Spirit experience and it is individually tailored just for you. As you lie warm and comfortable and begin to relax, trust and feel safe and held, lifetimes of pain and resistance in the body mind and spirit can release so that you emerge clean and fresh and whole.  All current health and wellbeing protocols are included 

1:15 Hour £75 

Hair Mineral Analysis

A Long Term View of your health condition.
'What is going on?'
This non-invasive functional test finds out how the body is coping, and what its often complex needs are. Although taking samples of body fluids, such as urine, saliva, faeces are important at various stages, skin or flesh tests are to the contrary, invasive and essentially provide a snapshot of what is going on at the time the sample is taken. Therefore, for a long term view, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis takes a small non-invasive sample of freshly grown hair, and subjects it to various lab tests for metabolism, nutrients and toxicity. This results in a report containing explanation recommendations and prescription valid for 3-6 months . This initial test creates a base line, while new hair tissue grows and consequent tests show how you are progressing.
Stage 1)Test and information capture for lab processing,
Stage 2) Interpretation of results and recommendations

£255 - Two sessions, Zoom/in person

Coaching, Spiritual and Personal Development

Emotional, physical, mental and spiritual factors cannot truly be isolated
from each other when you come to me for your Healthwork.. That is why each
session will incorporate a variety of approaches (described above) from
talking therapies, coaching for your projects, goals and aspirations, to
physical touch body therapy, nutrition, movement and going inwards.
Integrated Body centred Coaching Consultations
Course of 5 consultations over 10 weeks - £450 total

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