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Magnesium Body Butter

Perfect economical application for relaxing muscles, nerves, tendons and excellent general massage lotion. use at will. Contains magnesium shea butter.

There may be an initial skin response, this will pass in a few minutes


Magnesium Sulfate

(Epsom Salts)

For relaxing and nourishing baths - drop 2/3 handfuls into a warm (not hot) bath and soak for 20 minutes. Calming, soothing, refreshing and useful for aching body after exercise or illness. Use once or twice a week. Can be used in a bowl for soaking the feet having the same effect. Rinse skin afterwards.You can also pop some drops of essential oil (quality important here) into the water as required


Castor Oil Packing

To draw out impurities (boils pimples swelling or deficinecy) and comfort any part of the body, soak the natural cloth in Castor Oil, by dropping a half inch line along the cloth. This sinks into the cloth (which can be reused freely within a month) Then apply to part of body, attaching with cling film or bandages of your choice. This can also be done with a sanitary towel which is hypoallergenic - unchlorinated and unperfumed. Leave on overnight or at your convenience. Alternate days and locations on the body.

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