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About the Practitioner

Gabrielle Richards’ life has been one of study and formal achievements in the practice of naturopathy and natural living, spanning 50 years of health work on herself, and for the benefit of hundreds of grateful people. 

She offers Naturopathic Integral Healing, hands-on massage/bodywork, nutrition, counselling, transformational techniques and meditation skills. 

After struggling from childhood with various pains and ailments, and repeatedly let down by traditional medicine, Gabrielle found strength to turn wholly towards the wisdom of Nature. She has been fortunate indeed in meeting exemplary guides and practitioners who helped her heal and transform.  Glimpses of health happiness and bliss came her way, in experiencing a life free of unnecessary pain, reminding us that this is our birthright, not a luxury.

Holistic4Health integrates alternative and complementary medicine, meditation, spirituality and personal development. 

It is dedicated to listening, educating and empowering you to connect to your own source of wellness - assisting body and soul heal authentically and naturally.  

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Who is Naturopathy For?

Naturopathy is a perfect fit for anyone who wants feel good, to heal, to be liberated from pain, discomfort, and illness - reaching for a life truly worth living. This is a uniquely personal integrated approach, that embraces:-

  • digestive problems, 

  • over weight and under weight

  • muscular aches and pains such as backache, neck and shoulder tension, 

  • eating disorders

  • insomnia

  • chronic stress and pain

  • skin problems

  • premature aging

  • emotional distress

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • Chronic Inflammation 

  • Infertility 

  • Tendency to Infection 

Love is the natural healer

LOVE is nature’s intrinsic and mysterious quality and LOVE is nature’s ‘product’. Love has the quality of unconditional acceptance, respect, compassion and empathy: love gives and receives, love understands and holds, love heals all wounds. It is in fact, the very stuff we are made of. Love and the caring qualities do not get much mention in mainstream medicine. Be that as it may, love is at work whenever deep healing occurs. Indeed, without the presence of love it is doubtful if anyone could survive on the planet.

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