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Frequently Asked Questions

"What is Naturopathy?"

NaturoPathy is a Holistic Health and Wellbeing system rooted

in traditional health practices and contemporary natural health technology, without using drugs or invasive procedures. 
My Consultations and coaching are for your learning and understanding of what is wholesome and natural, helping you back to your natural state. Think, for example of including air, light, water, earth, breath, energy and movement, food, with minerals vitamins, enzymes, essential oils, integrated with Spiritual Healing, Counselling and much more, enhancing what is working well, while looking for the roots of what ails you.  

"Will I have to take supplements the rest of my life?"

As you grow in understanding of your unique needs your reliance on support will gradually diminish. However, in this nutrient depleted environment, some people may need to keep on supplementing the diet to enjoy optimal wellness. 
Is daily meditation essential for Naturopathy?
Understanding and practising what ‘meditation’ means for you will gradually bring in a healthy self regulation that makes your private quiet time truly fruitful.

"Is Holistic4Health available on the NHS in the UK?"

No, not yet available. This is a private independent and fully confidential service regulated by ICO adhering to the standards of the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA).    


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