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Sep 4, 2023 - Nov 27, 2023

Women's Self-Caring Massage Course

  • 85Days
  • 2Steps


An online self-caring group for women to explore and release old patterns, pains, fears, and restrictions that reduce our life and joy, transformed to celebration.......... In 6 x 1.1/2 hour approximately sessions over 12 weeks we will work with tenderness, in privacy and caring, systematically and organically through the body, letting go and discovering the glory of a free body mind and feeling. How long, how long does this body have to drag our past around? Hidden in niches under bones, in soft tissue, in fluids and in excrement - in gums, jaws, breast and vitals, soreness, aching, grinding and tightenings. All this can release! And with it all this heavy emotional pain too can ebb away...... But it does take a push, a jump, a group of like minded people who are tired of dragging this around, pushing and struggling to have a joyful peaceful fulfilled body heart mind and soul. People who can rest deeply, move openly, love freely.......... Like the Mongolian Warriors of old, who cleansed their bodies of fear and pain before battle, making them invincible, we too use our own body, our fingers and hands, our natural caring and loving, These tools root out our miserable history/history of misery - of abuse and denial of love, of violence and suppression, that is part of the birthright (sic) of every child of woman on the planet. .........

You can also join this program via the mobile app.





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