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Holistic4Health Products

Hey, in an ideal world 



Nothing better than to tuck into wonderful, fresh, home raised and grown, home made food and KNOW that this is the very best you can do for yourself. 


However, real life for many of us is far from this. We live in cities; food is anything but fresh; unless certified organic, our food is irradiated, sprayed with chemical pesticides and herbicides, growth promoters, subjected to artificial light air and water pollution, EMFs, long distance transport, over-farmed, containing less than 30% of some essential nutrients of 100 years ago, and on and on. Who can access Wild Foods? the sheer numbers of wild foods required make it unrealistic to expect that everyone would have access in our lifetime.


So, god herself made supplements, herbs, tinctures, pillules, (and blessings), practices to cleanse and rebuild, to help us to derive best benefits from our nourishment. That is why I use them myself and why I recommend them to clients for optimum wellbeing.



Yes, safety is an issue when you don’t have a naturopaths’ personal prescription, but here are some products that I feel can be used safely and effectively by most people, by following the advice on the label. As always, you are fully responsible for your choices of what you put into your body, and I do not assume that responsibility, I am merely stating what, in my experience, has been really useful for people who consult with me, friends and family. If you are concerned over a health situation, please please do consult a qualified physician as soon as possible.  

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